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The Old Mill


Nestled deep inside the lego countryside is the historic Old Mill. This is a working mill set beside a lego river. The mill opperates by turning a crank on the back - this spins both the mill wheel and the runs the milling area inside the bottom level. 

This set is made up of three separate levels:

1. The lowest level is the milling area, where technic gears allow the milling stones to grind up material

2. The second level contains the kitchen/living area. This features an entrance area with a lego desk and a small kitchen. The stairs that lead up to the third level are hinged to allow for easier access to the kitchen area. 

3. The third level is the bedroom. It contains a lego bed, dresser, fireplace, an a small shelf with a statue and picture. 

The logs for the fireplace are cut up behind the building by the miller and his chainsaw. The set also comes with a small cart used to haul materials around. There are three minifigures included: The Miller, his wife, and a friendly neighbor that helps out with the mill. 

Thank you for checking out the set and if you like it please share with your family and friends

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