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Mazinger Z

Born in the 70s, Mazinger Z is one of the first super robots, created by Go Nagai, has marked entire generations who have loved and followed the exploits of Koji Kabuto who, aboard the robot, saved the earth from invading monsters.

 The model made up of approximately 680 pieces is in minifigure scale and can accommodate the pilot inside the hover pilder, has good possibilities and somewhat "legitimate" proportions and style

 Built to sit well in the company of other LEGO robot publications, it is still capable of delivering good playability, creating an imaginary bridge between the generation of children of the last century, with the youth of today.
If you are a Mazinger fan and dream of being able to add it to your collection, you just have to vote for the project and maybe recommend it to your friends who I hope... I hope they do the same

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