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The Treasure Room: A Baron Von Barron Origin Story

Baron’s first discovery made him one of the elite treasure hunters of the 1920s. Many people forget this. Sadly, this history has been lost due to Pharaoh Hotep’s curse gathered all of the headlines.

This Lego set takes a fresh look at the Baron and credits his archaeological talent prior to losing sight of the importance of his work.

I built this set because I grew up with the adventurers theme and I was so happy to see it referenced in the Haunted House. But I think it needs to be elevated to the same footing as the classic castle and space themes released in 2022. Most folks that grew up with those in the 70s are now in their 40s-60s.

People that grew up in the 90s are at the perfect age for a reintroduction to Lego, and this set would be full of nostalgia.

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