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Halley VI Research Station


"Halley Research Station is built on a floating ice shelf in the south-east of the Weddell Sea. Scientific research concentrates on atmospheric sciences, meteorology and chemistry. Halley has a snow runway and supports a number of summer field science activities.

Halley is the first fully re-locatable research station in the world. Its iconic design houses a cutting-edge science platform and modern, comfortable accommodation."

This is what the British Antarctic Survey says about their latest edition of their research lab in Antarctica.

And since it is made of modules which are quite similar to each other, rearrangeable and cheerfully colorful, this is another perfect structure to be honored by a LEGO version, don't you think? 

My proposed model consist of about 850 pieces and would do great on your desk!

If you like it - vote for it and spread the word!

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