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Nevermore Academy - Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair's Dorm

I have always loved LEGO and the Addams family, since childhood. Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Lurch, Pudsley, Thing, Cousin it and so many more. When I heard that there was to be a show directed by Tim Burton, one of my favorite directors on Netflix, I was ecstatic and didn't know what to expect. Wednesday was truly an amazing show and was completely faithful to the Addams family.
After watching the show several times on Netflix, I decided to Design Wednesday and Enid's Dorm room from the show.
The major task of this build was the large circular stained-glass window using a selection of transparent 1x1 bricks. The base-plate spans 24 studs wide. I really wanted to keep the atmosphere of the top dorm. Wednesday with her darkness and Enid vibrant color. The build opens from the back giving you full view of the Dorm. And the roof detaches in a future update I intend to make the roof accessible from the back, revealing an iconic scene from Wednesday the show. I have included: Wednesdays typewriter, cello, fencing swords, candles and more with a chain that dangles from the gothic archway really trying to maintain the feel. Enid has her collection of teddies and a side table with her stereo. At the front of the build we have the large balcony with gargoyles where Wednesday plays her cello and both Enid and Wednesday sit.
This build consists of 700 pieces and took a total of 10 hours for me to design
and has both Wednesday & Enid as figures with Thing.
I hope you like this build. Thank you for watching - Please vote and keep watching for more updates.

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