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Star Wars: Battle at Point Rain Battle Pack

A battle pack featuring 4 figs, 4 builds, and a ton of coolness! The minifigs are: Spec Ops Clone Trooper, Desert ARF Trooper, Geonosian (with wings and blaster), Battle Droid (Geonosis).
The builds: Republic MDT (Mobile Defense Turret), Republic speeder bike, Geonosian drone turret, STAP (Single Troop Areal Platform, Geonosis deco).
More pics below.


The speeder (best shot i could get)

I've added an extra arm and a pistol for the droid, and I've updated the first turret. more updates incoming!

EDIT:made this the main product picture.

Changed the "bug's" color to a more accurate one, and I've changed the end pieces on the gun enplacement. NOTE: the 3rd leg looks removed. it's not. I only added the technic pieces, and I changed the Geo's color.

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