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Doctor who : Rose and the Autons set


this is my 2nd set that i send to LEGO Ideas and i am very impressed how this turned out. Again this set is an example of one segt of an whole series of Doctor Who sets.


The set has the 9th Doctor, Rose Tyler and 6 Autons, The TARDIS, The shop and The basement. all of the floor (including the roof) can be removed. In the basement there are boxes that you can place on differend spots, you can do this to with the coat racks. The TARDIS can open and has a mini TARDIS console in it. Unfortunately for the shop i couldn't put any interieur in it, but this is the best i could do. there are a few spots to place the autons in the store. they also can be placed in the basement. with the coat racks you should be able to hang LEGO bodie parts, so you can place your favorites in it. above the door there are 2 blocks that stick out. they are for a banner that you also see hanging in the episode. outside there also is a brick wall to give it more color and a bigger size. the wall can also be easely removed. you also can put the TARDIS in that corner. I have used the episode the help me with this project and there are a few hidden details, such as the bride autons that attackd Jackie Tyler (the mother of Rose). i couldn't find a good skin for the 9th Doctor, but i wanna see the skin you could find in LEGO Dimensions. i think that if this set will be selected, they wil give it some stickers to decorate everything better.

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