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Canadian National Passenger Train


The Canadian National is one of the biggest railways in North America. They currently operate only freight trains but once they operated passenger trains. This train is one of them.

This train contains two locomotives and four passenger cars. The two locomotives are Canadian National Z-1-a numbered 6710 and 6715. The locomotive has a cab on both sides. One minifigure can sit in each cab. And, there are four passenger cars. Each of these passenger cars has enough sitting room for 11 passenger cars. So, if you fill the entire train, you can fit 44 passengers!

Something that is good about this train is that you can arrange the train in many different ways. You don’t need to have the train the way seen in the picture. You can split the train so that you have two smaller trains. You could put the locomotives in a different order. Another thing that is good is that the train is good for display, play, or in your lego city!

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