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Nissan Delta Wing Race Car - Speed Champions



The revolutionary Nissan Deltawing race car has been a major contender in the Le Mans series racing circuit giving the prototypes a proper challenge on the track. This strange wedge shaped race car with an extraordinarily narrow front end seems to defy physics at times. There have been several different versions of this race car to date. This one is an interpretation of the latest version and includes an alternate setup. Remove the canopy and put in place the wind buffer piece to easily switch from coupe racer to convertible racer.

This build was enjoyable and contains the following:

  • A coupe and convertible version of the race car
  • Long sloped nose and angled rear end with thin wing like the real car
  • 189 pieces including the mini fig and both versions

Additional Notes:

This is an enjoyable build due to the complex shapes of this car. The scale is a little larger with a four stud front to replicate the narrow front end and line up with the cockpit and a wide 10 stud rear section. The proportions are proper for the car and mini fig. The only correction may be to reduce the nose by a brick length or two, however, this length seemed to fit the best with the overall look of the real vehicle.

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