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Scorched Canyon


"In the fiery dephts of the Stonewin Volcano, another Beast has been cursed by the evil Wizard Malvel... It is up to Tom and Elenna to save Epos the Flame Bird... A new Beast Quest begins!"

With this words begins the third big level of the videogame Beast Quest, level based on the sixth book in the series of the same name, which consists in freeing from the spell of an evil sorcerer Epos the Flame Bird.

This is the third model I have made so far on the theme the Beast Quest, and so far it is the largest and, according to me, one that offers more opportunities to play. I have added to the model, in fact, some functions, which can make it a fun set for kids, but a way of complicated and detailed building, with a precise internal structure made with LEGO Technic bricks. The model represents the passage to the Scorched Canyon; centrally, there's the fire river that originated from the fire pit, which is located next to the Epos' cave, and two mountains. From one side, then lie the Cinder Woods, while from the other side, there's the Scorched Canyon, populated by the Eternal Knights. Hidden inside the mountains, as you can see in an image, there's a mechanism that allows to show an hidden treasure. How does it work? Works exactly like the videogame; in the game you can find a beak of the phoenix, belonging to Epos, with a fireball inside. Hitting the fireball with an arrow, in the game, it's pushed into the mountain on which is located the beak of the phoenix and emerges a treasure, often hidden in the lava. Well, the mechanism works exactly this way: by pushing the fireball inside the mountain, push an hidden structure in Technic bricks which is connected to another structure, below the lava that you can see in the model, on which is the treasure, hidden in the smaller mountain. Separate from the main model, I then added on a baseplate 8x16 a portal that is very important in the game; it is blocked by a powerful fire energy, and Tom, the main character of Beast Quest, must collect four amulets to cross it. These amulets are, however, guarded by the Eternal Knights, that lives in the Scorched Canyon.

The model includes:

  • 983 bricks.
  • 5 minifigures: Tom, Elenna, Aduro with his magic stick and a flame, Raymond, a boy who lives near the Stonewin Volcano, and an Eternal Knight. I had to revise the look of the Eternal Knights, because I could not find the upper parts with the appropriate decorations, and at the end I chose an upper part designed with a detail that is remarkably similar to the headgear of the leader of the Eternal Knights, the Eternal King;
  • 3 crystal weeds;
  • 1 serpentvine;
  • 1 hidden treasure;
  • 1 beak of a phoenix with a fireball;
  • 1 column with an amulet to unlock the portal;
  • 1 tree incinerated;
  • 1 puddle of lava;
  • 1 lava fall.
  • 2 red crystal. They in the game contain coins.

I hope in your eventual support!

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