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Casino Roulette European Style


This roulette actually rotates manually and playable!
The width is approx 55cm (22 inches).

My own design allows to form the Perfect Regular Polygon without Calculating the Angle.
Not only 37-gon like this, but American Style (38-gon) can also be made with this way.

Please also check another project Casino Roulette Table Layout to play with.
I originally submitted the project all together but it was removed because I have used to many elements. (It must be 3,000pcs or less.)
That's why I have refreshed the design and separated it into 2 projects.
Now this project requires approx 2,900pcs.

I don't have enough Lego bricks to make the actual sample.
But I plan to make smaller one like 13-gon to show how it works.
I'll update once done!

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