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Ultimate Dollhouse

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

The Dollhouse is one of the most iconic and successful toys of all time. Originating in Germany in the 1800s, it was originally used to teach children house rules and customs and was also known as a “Cabinet House”. Since then, the Dollhouse has become a staple of toy shops and collections worldwide with innumerable variations over the years from cottages, to mansions, to famous residences like The White House. The Dollhouse can be decorated and adjusted to suit the taste of the collector, adding furniture and decor as the collection grows.

One of the most iconic features of the Dollhouse is its removable back wall, which allows for a cross-section view of the interior with access to each of the rooms. In this version, the house can be separated down the middle using hinge pieces at the chimney. The house is held in place using the clutch technique introduced in the Winnie The Pooh set. In addition, each level of the Dollhouse can be removed similar to the Creator modular buildings for greater access and serious play.

For this project, I wanted to create a truly beautiful house with as much detail and decor as possible that can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. I wanted to capture the beauty and quaintness of an old-fashioned, elegant small-town, house on a sleepy suburban street. I chose a soft pastel colour scheme using light royal blue for the walls, cool yellow for the doors and a combination of light and medium purple for the roof tiles. All of these colours are trimmed with white, giving the house a beautiful wedding cake quality. For the brick work and chimney, I used medium nougat, which is by far my favourite colour from the LEGO colour palette.

Drawing on turn of the century American architecture, the house includes a front verandah, gabled roofs, a stone chimney, a balcony, a bay window and a weather vane-topped cupola. On the inside, the house includes many classic pieces of furniture including a grandfather clock, a grand piano, a bookshelf and mantelpieces over the fireplaces. The house also includes a main bedroom with adjoining boudoir / art studio, a library, a kitchen, dining room, lounge room, an attic and cellar.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own one of the most beloved toys of all time as a LEGO set. Whether for play or display, the ULTIMATE DOLLHOUSE is the perfect addition to any LEGO collection.

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