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Kansas City micro: Iconic Landmarks

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LEGO(R) is coming to Kansas City, and I'm sure a great many of you will be going to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center at Crown Center.

Imagine that you could take home both memories of the experience, as well as LEGO models of Kansas City's premiere architectural landmarks, historic sites, and community venues: Souvenirs of your experience, a reminder and treasure of your City, your community, your home, your family.

I would sincerely appreciate your consideration and support to realize small, desk-top/shelf-sized LEGO models of Kansas City's architectural and iconic landmarks in conjunction with the LEGOLAND Discovery Center and a celebration of Kansas City. The example models shown are quite small: micro-scale. Some will fit in the palm of your hand, while others are no larger than a dinner plate-- good for conversation.

The micro style creation explores and evokes the essence of expression: What is the smallest size, yet still be immediately recognizable and familiar, that evokes the essence of our relationship to our environment, community, and the creations we inhabit?

Beyond building... is learning. Accompanying the bricks to build micro models of Kansas City's landmarks, supplemental materials can be included which educate the builder about the significance of the structure, place, technology, and persons involved with the original creation. You'll be able to answer the Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? as inspired by the City in which you live, embodied in a LEGO model on your shelf. A great way to Play and Learn.

Shown below are but a few of Kansas City's Iconic Landmarks. Your city has so many potential candidates to be represented as micro scale LEGO models.

A vote for this project brings models such as these one step closer to being in your home, built by you!

Build. Kansas City. Build.


On the Liberty Memorial monument to World War I:

The Liberty Memorial and Monument [and museum- not modelled] in Kansas City, Missouri, USA: recognizing the fallen, documenting the tragic events, and expressing the hope for lasting peace resultant from World War I. The memorial hosts "The Great Frieze by Edmond Amateis. The main inscription [not modelled] reads 'These have dared bear the torches of sacrifice and service. Their bodies return to dust but their work liveth evermore. Let us strive on to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.'" (

The Liberty Memorial monument landscape can receive customizable "change of seasons" with the substitution of different colors of "trees", including barren-leaf branches with a fresh fall of snow. Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring: eternal cycle of life, to cherish and preserve Our World through the tender care of We, Her children and tenants.

The base of the Liberty Memorial can accommodate multiples of a standard 8x8-stud modular footprint for the micro / mini modular system of models such as the February 2012 release of the official LEGO(R) 10230 Mini Modular buildings or my other microSYSTEM town, plane, train, and space models:

Kansas City's Union Station. A center for our community, exploration of science, preservation of our past.This model can be customized with the easy slide on/slide off "glass" building to transport back in time to the Age of Rail or forward to today's exploration of the Universe. And, take a stroll on the Sky-Walk....

The Kauffman Center for the Performance Arts.
Big venue : Small space.
Landing on a mere 5.5-inch square pad, this micro model of an out-of-this world structure delivers a message to humankind:
LOVE art!
EXPLORE engineering!
EMBRACE creativity!
SHARE joy!

Through the glass-walled building, see the print press zipping, paper rolling, ink blotting.
Writing, printing, reading, through the glass-walled building.
The Kansas City Star newspaper building printed into brick onto micro-scale.
A paper, folded roof, text transparent, for all to see in the modern age of Pulp and PC.

Built on a standard multiple-of the 8x8-stud footprint to be compatible with other micro / mini modular buildings such as the January 2012 release of official LEGO(R) sets 10230 Mini Modulars and other micro system project models.

Grind it out on the grid-iron. Build. Play. Customize.Two, stacked, simple one-stud circular plate elements can represent your favorite teams.Pick your colors.Line 'em up.Let 'em play.See who wins!


About James Mathis:

James Mathis grew up in the Kansas City area community of Liberty, Missouri. He attended Liberty High School, graduated in 1988, and continued his education at William Jewell College. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Physics, he earned a Masters Degree in Physics at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

Following a stay of 13 years building a career in New Mexico, James currently resides in Hawaii, but his heart will never forget the Heartland, a place where friends, family, and community nurtured, educated, and prepared him for life, wherever Life landed him. Thank you Kansas City.

James has been a Design Contributor to official LEGO® Train sets Santa Fe Train Cars 10022 & 10025, and the Hobby Train set 10183 (Designed by Ten LEGO Fans). He is an avid Adult Fan of LEGO®, a presenter on model design topics at Fan Brick-Convention seminars, and a design contributor to advance the state-of-the-art in hobby of LEGO® Town & Train.

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