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The Lord of the Rings: Mount Doom


Mount Doom is the only place in Middle Earth that the One Ring can be destroyed.  Sam and Frodo are almost to the entrance when Gollum spots them.  Whose side are you on?  It is time to make your decision! If you chose evil than you can use the removable and rotatable catapult to launch Gollum onto Frodo and Sam.  If you choose Good than you can use the weapons to slay Gollum and destroy the ring.  What will you choose?   The set comes with 3 main parts, 4 functions, and 1255 LEGO bricks.  This is one of 4 sets that make up the ultimate Mordor collection (shown in the last picture).  

The Battle at the Black Gate (created by LEGO) :

The Lord of the Rings: The Last Alliance:

The Lord of the Rings: Barad Dur:

The set also comes with 3 mini figures:

Frodo (Weary

Sam (Weary)



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