Product Idea |

Art Gallery, Restaurant, and Apartment Building

This is an art gallery, restaurant, and an apartment building.  The restaurant on the bottom floor has outside and indoor seating.  For those who choose to sit outside, there is a tree for shade.  Next to the restaurant there is an art gallery.  Here, minifigures from all over town can show off their artistic talent and it is a place where you can sell your artwork.  Above the restaurant and art gallery are the apartments.  The apartments are owned by the same people who own the gallery, and people rent the space above.  You have to walk through the art gallery to get to the stairwell that takes you up to the two apartments.  The first apartment has no bed or bathroom, so it is most likely a place that people rent to hangout, have a party, or to play music.  The two guys renting it right now set up a TV, arcade game, and a keyboard.  It also has two skylights.  It could also be a storage space.  The second apartment has a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom.  There is a ceiling fan in the living room and the bathroom has one of those weird electric toilets.  

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