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1989 Batmobile


For years many have attempted to create a perfect Lego rendition of The Batmobile featured in the 1989 film "BATMAN" and the 1992 follow up film "BATMAN RETURNS". May I present to you my perfect rendition. 

This version was created with the overall look of the original vehicle in mind and no detail was compromised with including play features. Not to say, play features can not be added later.

The extent of the interactivity consists of the cab sections ability to be removed to insert and remove a mini-figure and the vehicle roles freely on its wheels.

* Fits one Batman mini-figure (included)

* 542 Pieces (including Batman mini-figure with cape)

* Dimensions

   - Height:  6 Brick or 18 plates (from bottom of tires)

   - Length: 32 bricks (from headlights to tips of wings)

   - Width:   12 bricks (at widest point)

Please share and support this Lego creation and help make it an official Lego Product available to all!

Software used for presentation:

Lego Digital Designer



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