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The Wacky River Inn

Hello guys and gals,

So with this build im doing something quite ambitious. Not only did i try to make a beautifull set, but i set my mind on creating a whole new Lego theme.
Thats why i named all the characters in this build and are giving them all some backstory that will be further explored in future sets.

In this first set we arrive at the Wacky River inn. A prestine inn located near the source of the Wacky River on the Edge of the Wild Wood.

The names of the characters from left to right respectively are:

- Lady Merigold (Barmaid and owner)
- Sir Godfrey the 3rd (Retired adventurer)
- Sir Bardsley the Boar slayer (adventurer, slayer of boars)
- Sheamus MacDoogalls (Probably "Intoxicated")

This build is also completely modular, and furnitured.

As always Tips and Tricks are always welcome!

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