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Settlers' Covered Wagon


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As they make their way westward, the LEGO settlers must stay alert for the many dangers that exist along the trail. Traveling across the desert road can be quit treacherous, so pa has filled the water barrel, and is ready with his trusty rifle for whatever may happen. Due to the long journey, they were only able to pack a few precious belongings: ma's favorite chair, a hand sewn patchwork quilt, the baby's cradle, a chest with parting letters from loved ones, a cherished book, a frying pan, and some farm equipment. Any other items will have to be built or purchased when they reach the end of the trail.

About the Project

The Settlers' Covered Wagon is designed to portray a different side of the western themes LEGO has sold in the past. This project focuses on those who traveled westward, seeking new land and a new home. The covered wagon is designed to be as historically accurate as possible while still keeping playability in mind. In addition to the items mentioned above, the covered wagon includes: settler family (father, mother, son, daughter, and infant child), oxen, horse, watch dog, ox skull and cactus.

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