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Adventure Balloon - the "Horizon"

Inspired by the Adventure Genre this balloon has everything you need to relive the time of adventures.
The "Horizon" is equipped for adventuring in just about any environment, be it on snowy mountains, considerably less snowy jungles or even less snowy deserts. 

Deploy the truck and go looking for treasures buried beneath the sand, take the canoe deep into the mangroves in search of a lost city or reach the highest mountaintops in the "Horizon" herself.

The balloon features state of the art adventuring equipment including a fancy telescope and a multi purpose tool rack. The upper deck is home to said telescope as well as the steering wheel. On the lower deck, you can find the engine as well as the small but comfortable quarters where you can plan your next adventure.

Adventures are at the heart of any childhood. The stories we tell often feature daring heroes and impossible missions. It is this spirit that I wanted to capture in this build, to have one vehicle suited for almost any adventure, limited only by your imagination.

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