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Creator Expert - Post Office

The Creator Expert cityscape has lots to offer - shops and restaurants, a movie theater and lots of services, both public and private - but what is it missing? A post office. I designed this post office to fill an empty corner in my model and to use up pieces I already had in my inventory. Part of the ground floor was inspired by the Lego City model Capital City #60200 (the double decker bus/hot dog stand) and Police Minifigure Accessories pack #40372 (ATM).

The model tells the story of a busy day on the corner of First and Main in the little town of Brick City, Texas. Postal workers buzz about sorting mail and serving customers. Feel free to drop off your mail in the box outside, or come in for personal service at the window or to check your post office box. Carts of mail and packages are sorted in the sorting room anxious to arrive at their final destination. Outside, a mail truck is being unloaded, while a lady waits to take a tour of the city atop a double-decker tour bus. Perhaps she stopped at the convenient ATM to withdraw money for her ticket and a slice of pizza or a delicious hot dog with mustard. Upstairs, Vera is watering her flowers and listening to the sounds of the city on a bright spring morning. Everett sips his coffee as he watches Vera caring for her plants. Their cozy little apartment has everything they need - a comfy living room with an upright piano that Vera loves to play in the evenings, a bright little kitchen with all the amenities, a powder room on the first floor and storage under the spiral staircase. The top floor holds their bedroom and master bath. The room is furnished with a large poster bed and nightstand, a comfy chair for curling up with a good book, a dresser and mirror, and a large armoire with neatly folded clothes ready to wear. The room is complete with a pair of kitchy pineapple lamps that would make anyone smile. The shuttered windows block out the street noises for a restful night's sleep, and the slate roof adds warmth and charm to the whole building.

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