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Wallace Arnold - Bedford OB


I know there are a lot of bus spotters out there, I am secretly one myself following my ten year service driving mini buses and double deckers around South Manchester. Here's your chance to build and keep your very own model of the Bedford OB Bus that was introduced in 1939.

A impressive total of 12,766 were produced up to 1951 and, with the ability to carry up to 29 passengers, this made it one of the most popular buses of its type. This version is sporting the bright red and yellow livery used by the Wallace Arnold company.

Made using Lego Digital Designer with only 406 parts, I would say it is of medium build difficulty. I took me quite a while to design the front with the wheel arches and bonnet arrangement, not too mention the passenger door. The rounded cab window was made using clear curved corner bricks.

I think this would make a great addition to a Lego "Vintage" scene. You could have your very own fleet carrying all those lovely mini-figs around your city.

Thanks for looking, and please vote.

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