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Lego "Stinger" Interceptor Spacecraft

The Stinger-Class Interceptor, built by Forne Shipworks, is a high-speed interceptor built as a planetary defense fighter and scout. Equipped with three HN-Type engines, the interceptor has an acceleration of 4,920 G, and can reach atmospheric speeds of up to 1,380 kph, ensuring that it can chase down and out-maneuver any enemy craft it may encounter. The vessel is also equipped with three Emo-II laser cannons, an arsenal sure to be reckoned with. With an on-board hyperdrive with built-in navcomputer, and full life-support, there is nowhere in the galaxy the Stinger can't take you. The set includes: Stinger Interceptor, Transport Vehicle, and the minifigures with assorted accessories.

The set has 341 parts, pricing it around $30.00 USD.

Minifigure Names: Rylie (Male Pilot), Alaine (Female Pilot), and Ed (Male Mechanic).

In the time I spent building this set, I tried my best to make it: Kid-friendly, sturdy, both playable and displayable, and with a color scheme that would appeal to both children and adults. I hope everyone enjoys this project, as much as I have enjoyed building it.