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Tar Paver Construction Set


 Hi This is my idea for the Lego City Construction set and Lego Ideas Team. This idea is called Tar Paver Construction Set. This idea comes with 104 building pieces. It has the Tar Paver Machine,  a tar meter, a spedometer, shovel, broom,  2 steering wheels, 2 seats, a driving stick, tar, 2 Construction workers, and a wheel barrow, I have also added more pictures down bottom from the big picture. This set would go great with any other Lego City Construction sets or with any other Lego Products. Lego have left out a lot of open areas in the Construction field and work. I am trying to fill in the gap that i think need to be filled in the Lego City Construction sets. This set would be fun to have. This set was easy to make and would be acceptable for all ages and for everyone. In my opinion this set would go with the steam roller or dump truck. Thanks for your support and have a nice day!

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