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Commercial Mower, Utility Vehicle, & Golf Cart

This is a 3-piece set that contains a commercial mower, a utility vehicle, and a golf cart.

I originally built the commercial mower as a personal challenge to myself. I own and operate a driving range and wanted a brick-built version of the Toro 4100D that I mow the range with so I could share my love of Lego with others.

After many renditions I finally created a mower that I was happy with, so I decided to build the Toro Workman Utility Vehicle that I use to pick up golf balls on the range. After these two builds sat on my shelf for the last year, I recently thought it would be fun to build a golf cart to compliment the other vehicles.

I believe this would make a great Lego set because it offers 3 small yet challenging builds that can fit perfectly into any city landscape, park, campground, or even golf course. The mower has three hydraulic motors, gauges, foot pedals, and a roll bar. The utility vehicle has a dump bed, headlights and tail lights, and a tow hitch. The golf cart offers full weather protection with widescreens in the front and rear and even has 2 golf bags.

All 3 of these builds offer lots of play options and endless hours of fun. As you place these unique vehicles in your city you can make motor sounds while you mow the grass in the park, dump soil in your flowerbeds with your utility vehicle, or just zip around the campground in your stylish golf cart.  

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