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Corvette C3 Convertible



The Corvette C3 is my favorite model of my favorite car. Its bodywork is incredibly beautiful and I just love everything about it. When making this model, I used multiple reference pictures to try and get all the best details down right.


The front features the 2 chrome grille meshes on either side with the chrome bumper between them. There is a place in the middle for a license plate sticker. For the sides, I used top roof tile pieces to represent the actual angled bodywork of the car. The car has room to seat one minifigure and is to scale with the other official licensed LEGO car sets. The rear features the four circle taillights and the L-shaped rear bumbers, as well as another license plate. The crossed flags Corvette logo will have to be added as a sticker on both the front and rear ends. 

The minifigure is just a generic random person, although I did style him in similar fashion to many of the people I see on the road driving actual C3's.

Feedback and support is much appreciated!

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