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Modular Hospital

A hospital typically consists of various rooms and areas designed to provide medical care, support, and comfort to patients. Here is a description of the rooms you find in this modular corner hospital:
1st Floor
A wheelchair ramp outside and colour coded signage inside on the floors and door frames to guide patients and visitors more efficiently.
The reception desk where the hospital receptionist manages the hospital's operations. A waiting area with water dispenser is located here as well.
A gift shop with news stand for patients, visitors and staff to purchase refreshments, candy, toys, newspapers, books, fruit and plants or flowers.
A garage which houses an ambulance.
2nd Floor
This compromises an Operating Room (OR). It is equipped with a surgical table, surgical instruments and an anesthesia machine.
A room is dedicated for medical imaging, equipped with an MRI scanner.
For the comfort of patients' families and visitors, a waiting area with seating is located near the stairs.
The doctor’s practice is the room where the doctor and medical staff coordinate patient care. Here they can conduct various diagnostic tests. A measuring stick, weight scale, desk and examination table are amongst the amenities found here.
3rd Floor
The 3rd floor includes the patient beds, separated by dividers for privacy and a bathroom. A mobile food delivery trolley is used to provide lunch straight to the patients.
A space is equipped with exercise equipment for physical therapy and rehabilitation services.
A balcony to get some fresh air.
A helipad for helicopters provides a clearly marked surface away from obstacles where medical emergency helicopters can land safely.

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