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Cessna 172 with Movable Flight Components

This is a model of the most iconic, most built airplane ever to fly: the Cessna 172!

I built this set to show my elementary-age children how airplanes fly and this design has proven to be a great teaching tool! Airplanes move in three dimensions at once and a pilot must coordinate all three axes of movement to fly safely and smoothly. This design has adjustable ailerons, rudder and elevators to demonstrate how a pilot controls an airplane. And, to help make it understandable, each component can be a separate color so that each axis of movement is easy to identify.

     Blue ailerons roll the aircraft to one side or the other.
     Orange elevators tilt the aircraft up or down.
     The green rudder turns the aircraft to the left or right.
A model that you can easily manipulate is worth a thousand pictures! And beyond flight controls, this model offers lots of additional realistic details, like working flaps and a
wing shape that models an actual airfoil to spark the interest and curiosity of builders about how airplanes really fly! All these movable parts and details make it a joy to build and play with!

This model would make a great LEGO set. It is the most iconic aircraft ever built, with its ubiquitous role in training and simulators, and easy-to-spot high wing design. This airplane has movable elements that make it fun and interesting to play with while also showing the basics of how airplanes really fly! And, at only 380 pieces, this model is perfectly sized to be playable; it fits in your hand and is affordable enough to get your hands on! Also, it is designed to fit both mini-figures and mini-dolls, making it a great gift for every enthusiast of LEGO or aviation! It is accessible to kids and intriguing to build, offering a couple expert techniques that LEGO fans will get excited about. This airplane is as handsome a display model as it is a fun, sturdy, playable toy!

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