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Funko Flash


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Everybody loves funko pops, but even more people LOVE LEGOS. so I figured why not combine the two. This lego pop comes complete with its own pop box. The box is big enough for the pop to fit inside. The box also has sides that close just like the flaps on a pop box as well as a top.

The flash is one of the original members of the justice league. The other members include but are not limited to batman, superman, wonder woman, martain manhunter, the green lantern, and aquaman.

Other members of the justice league include but are not limited to: supergirl, hawkgirl, hawkman, the atom, nightwing, captain marvel, black canary, red tornado, the green arrow, starfire, cyborg, raven, and a lot more.

And the justice league villians as well. the Justice League villians include but are not limited to: doomsday, darkseid, ra's al ghul, captain cold (currently a good guy in the cw's legends of tomorrow), the huntress, cat woman, and a lot more.

And even though this particular design is of a dc character, lets not forget about marvel characters and their villians as well.

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