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Spaceship "The Swift"

Hi everyone!

Meet my new project. This is a spaceship - "The Swift". I tried to build this one inspired by the bird. And another option for building it is my interest in Sci-Fi films. I like different spaceships and like to build them.

I used black parts like the main color scheme. And used grey parts for building engines. The spaceship has 3 engines for reaching big speed in space. The pilot's place has a blue screen. The screen is opened for the pilot to be able to seat in the cockpit. And in the front, it has a small weapon. And I have built the service stair for it with black and yellow parts. This project has about 250 parts including the minifig.

See more in the video:

I really like this project because I spent a lot of time building it - about 2 weeks. And I believe that it is a good LEGO idea because it looks pretty good in a black color scheme. I guess a lot of people will support it!

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Thank you for supporting!

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