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Luscious Terrace Garden

With summer being in full bloom in most of the northern hemisphere, who would not like to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the good weather. One’s balcony or terrace becomes an extension of the home - an additional room, in fact - and deserves much care. This is how the project idea came about, designing my dream terrace with the bricks I had at hand, some of them cool new ones (like the gold tones, rounded flat ones and the column capital).

This is one of my fastest builds ever, taking between 2-3 hours. I truly enjoyed it though and had fun using bricks in unexpected ways - like the transparent duplo brick, the green plates and the golden ice cream scoops - becoming a fountain top (which is rotating and cascading, by the way :) in one instance and a lamp in another. Overall, I used only 130 bricks, with almost half being flowers or flower elements.

Why do I think this would make a great set? Because it is a quick and easy build, yet allows for variety when rebuilding - either as is, by simply shuffling the furniture (table, chair & bench) around or the other elements: the water bath, the fountain and the fire pit (for making smores at night) - or by creating something new. In terms of rebuilding, there are enough pieces to allow for a variety of options. Last but not least, who would not like a blooming, luscious terrace garden to look at in winter?

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