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Merlin's Tower


What secrets await in the old wizard's tower? Find out for yourself with my latest Lego Ideas proposal. Deep in the heart of the wintery woodland exists a long forgotten tower where the mysterious wizard has made his home. Here you'll discover a treasure or two, and more than a few creatures of the forest to keep you company. Explore the private chamber where the wizard keeps his many spell books and brews his magic potions. Or venture into the tower loft, where he spends his nights studying the stars through a telescope from the comfort of his bed. Meet the eccentric sorcerer himself, and his owl companion -- but be sure you don't upset him; a wizard is one enemy you don't want to make!

  • Includes 2 minifigures: the old wizard and his boy associate; plus 2 bats, 2 spiders, and an owl.
  • Remove the top and open the back to access the interior, including the stairwell, the tower chamber, and the loft.
  • Discover the hidden treasure by removing a rock from the tower base. 
  • Measures about 44 cm tall, by 25 cm long, by 19 cm wide.
  • Contains approximately 2230 pieces.

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