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Thunderbirds T2


5...4...3...2...1...Thunderbirds are GO!


Thunderbirds was a British science-fiction TV series popularized in the mid 1960s. Set in the 2060s, the show follows the adventures of International Rescue, a life-saving organization equipped with advanced land, air, and sea craft. The original series was broadcast in over 66 countries, and inspired a live-action movie in 2004. More recently, Thunderbirds was remade into a new animated TV series in 2015. This model is based on the Thunderbird 2 from the new TV series.

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Approx Dimensions: Length 36.5 cm x Width 26.5 cm x Height 9.5 cm (16.5 cm w/ legs extended)
Number of pieces (with 5 minifigs): 891


This model was built using LEGO Digital Designer (LDD). As aforementioned, it is based on the redesigned Thunderbird 2 from the 2015 series (rather than the original 1960s version). The main reason being that the original version was a lot more contoured and thus was considerably harder to replicate in LEGO at this scale. Nonetheless, the general shape and main characteristics of both variants remain similar. Some of the key features of this LEGO model include:

  • Detachable Pod – The carrier pod can be released by pulling the Technic locking pins on both sides of the airship. The pod itself has a door that flips open to deploy Thunderbird 4.
  • Thunderbird 4 – Contained with the carrier pod, Thunderbird 4 is a small utility submersible used for underwater rescue missions. Thunderbird 4 features a cockpit for 1 minifig with a hinged canopy.
  • Retractable legs – Legs are used to raise Thunderbird 2 when deploying and retrieving the Pod. Connected to the fuselage via pin joints, all 4 legs can be stowed underneath the airship when not in use. (Note that the "real" Thunderbird 2 has telescopic legs, but that is very difficult to reproduce in LEGO at this scale.)
  • Cockpit – The cockpit features a large controls panel, as well as seating for 1 pilot plus 2 co-pilots or passengers. The cockpit can be accessed via a hinged canopy.
  • Folding wings – The wings of Thunderbird 2 can be folded to reduce its span for storage and taxiing purposes.
  • Other details of this model include air intakes, main and vertical thrusters, as well as various decals.


Unlike the Thunderbird 2 airship, the minifigs are based on the original 1960s designs of the 5 sibling members of International Rescue: Alan, Gordon (pilot for Thunderbird 4), Scott, Virgil (pilot for Thunderbird 2), and John Tracy. All minifigs feature custom torsos with “IR” logo, waists, and leg decals in their respective colours.

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