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The Nightmare Before Christmas: This is Halloween!


This is Halloween! Help Jack Skellington, the king of Halloweentown, celebrate Halloween by building the dragon fountain. The dragon fountain has a cool feature. When spun on top of the dragon's head, Jack can change to his pumpkin king costume.The minifigures for this project are Jack Skellington, the four vampires, the tree with the skeletons and Jack Skellington(pumpkin king costume). If Lego wants to make Jack's head as a custom mold that would be fine.


 Additional information about this project is, it contain Lego made elements pieces. For example the pumpkin head is actually Lego magneto's helmet with a orange head. The legs from jack are the same type of legs, used for woody from the Lego Toy story sets.

I created this project based on Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas film.

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