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Hopewell Rocks (Bay of Fundy)

Hopewell Rocks is a collection of natural rocks residing in the bay of fundy (between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Canada, where some of my family came from!). The reason why these rocks look so weird is because they have gone through years of erosion. Why? Well the tides are constantly changing! You might go see Hopewell Rocks one day and see a beach with a bunch of seaweed on the ground. Come back again and it's submerged in water!

This set comes with the 4 main rock formations you might see on a postcard standing side by side. It also comes with a series of translucent bricks to simulate the changing tide. It looks better when you look at it straight on so it could be a nice decorative set you put on display.

I think this could make a good set for all those who love lego set's based on natures wonders!

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