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Alf And The Tanners


Watch out! Mrs.Ochmonek is sneaking around!

Here is another image of playing with Mrs.Ochmonek fig.

I hope you like it!

Thank you!


Do you remember her?

Hello everyone!

Thanks for supporting LEGO ALF!

Finally I added a character who I'm not supposed to forget.

Do you remember her?

Yes! Mrs.Ochmonek!

With this new minifig, you can thoroughly enjoy the LEGO ALF world!

I would be very happy if you enjoy this set!

Thank you!


100 supports reached!!

Thank you all for supporting this project!

LEGO ALF reached 100 supports!

The Tanners are having celebration feast!

Let's make this 1000!

Thank you really!


Thanks for supporting!

Thank you all for supports and comments!

Supports are growing gradually and less than 20 supports to 100!

It's amazing a lot of people think my idea would rock!

LEGO is awesome! Thank you!


process of creation #3


This time I wanna show you my prototype ALF fig :)

Originally I was planning to make ALF head parts, but you know this is LEGO ideas so I made them built up heads.

Here is my ideal ALF head parts example which I designed and modeled.

Thanks for your supports!


process of creation #2

Hi, thanks for following this project!

Today I want to share with you how I modeled this set.

First I modeled every brick I needed in 3DCG. So now I can build what I want virtually :)

And the picture below is showing the set in the middle of building (and before texturing).

It took a lot of time but worth it.

Thanks for reading. I'm still working on further updates.


Reached 50 supports!

Thank you!

Supports reached over 50!

Lets make it 100!


process of creation #1

Hi, thank you for supporting my project!

Today, I wanna share one of my references here.

Kate and ALF are in the kitchen.

In the process of replacing this kitchen into bricks, I wanted to make sure that the structure is correct (window, sink, stove, etc).

And especially, the golden chicken mold!

I hope you are enjoying this idea.

I also thinking about adding a character, so keep watching this project!

Thank you.


Twitter account created!

I created a Twitter account to communicate with LEGO fans all over the world!

Please follow me :)


Thank you!

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