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A Pair of Dice

What is this:
  • As you can see in front of you, I present my idea of two large, big pair of LEGO dice which I thought about making when I was inspired by my love for board games as well as the multiple family trips to Las Vegas I had growing up. This Idea was also inspired by some other IDEAS object projects such as the (21313 Ship in a Bottle) and (31332 The Globe).

  • The pips on the dice can be customized by using the crowbar to take out the black pips for either some dark blue or dark red pips for each one of the dice.
  • The side with only one pip on each can opened to reveal two snakes representing the combination roll of Snake Eyes.
  • The side with three pips can be opened to reveal a reference to an old LEGO theme from Town called "Paradisa" which is a runoff pun of what my idea The Last side that can be opened is the side with five pips which can reveal two different kinds of dogs representing the combination roll of Puppy Pa
How was my idea made:
  • This over 2,000-piece Idea was made from multiple plates, side bricks, inverted tiles and technic axle in order to help keep the build stable, and easy to design.
How this be a great LEGO set:
  • This Idea can be a great LEGO set to alongside with other object-based LEGO IDEAS sets like, The Ship in a Bottle, Typewriter, globe, and Grand Piano. Not only that, but this set can also be a good piece of decoration in your home, or room. This Idea can also be used as a spare piece of dice lying around in case the piece of dice someone lost in a board game can be replaced, or these pieces of dice can be used for anybody who wants to win big at the casino. So, that all in mind, let the rolling begin.

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