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Christmas Tree Shop


What kind of Christmas tree would you like?  Come visit this shop where you can find the perfect fir tree to adorn and decorate for the Christmas holidays.  This beautiful shop is a cottage with a large wooden enclosure in the front full of trees of all sizes.  A thread of brightly colored light bulbs hangs from the two lamp posts.

The cottage has two floors.  The first floor has a fireplace that can spread the heat all over the cottage, a corner table as well as a corner table.  The first floor is connected to the shed where the tools are stored:   a saw, chainsaw, cleaver and toolbox.

You can find the bedroom on the second floor with a bedside table, lamp and a larger table.

This set is made of 1150 bricks and contains 4 mini-figures: the woodcutter, his wife who manages the shop, the grandpa and his nephew.

Two vehicles can also be found: a truck used for getting the trees and the boy’s sled which was used to bring home his own little tree. The sled is equipped with snowshoes so the family can enjoy the winter.

Hope you like it:)

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