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Torndado Skateboard Park and Shop


This is the Tornado Skateboard Park and Shop. This build has a shop and a skateboard park. The skateboard park has a half pipe, a skater bowl, ramp and other things to skate on. Inside the building there are skateboard, hats, and helmets, for the minifigs to buy. There is also a table and chairs to watch that minifigs could watch the skaters outside. The minifigs could also grap a coffee while they are in there; and they could drink while  reading the paper. On top of the building there is a roof garden and a storage room with boxes. There are three skater guys, a skater girl, a rollerskater girl, and a guy that could be a worker or skater.

It might be nice to have a skateboard park and shop which has multiple people multiple skateboards, an indoor shop, a roof garden, a park with a half pipe and bowl. With it having metallic pieces it might seem like metal and maybe like a real park that has metal equipment. Hopefully this idea makes it to 10,000 supporters, thanks for your support, and list ideas that you thing would be good to add to this in the comments. 

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