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Brick Storage


        This set is a buildable multi-purpose brick box! It can form a variety of functions such as a moneybox, piece storage box, tissue box holder, and much more! It has eight flip-cap openings (the studs on the brick) and it comes with an attachable handle. It also comes with dividers to split it into eight compartments and an a lid that can easily be attached and detached. The box also comes with round tiles to attach to the top of the studs for labels. 

Build info:

  • This set is a box resembling a Lego 2x4 brick and it comes with a handle and dividers
  • This set does not have any minifigures
  • This set would be for ages 7-14 and is a relatively easy build.
  • This set has 657 pieces.

Thank you for viewing this project and thanks for your support.

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