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Star Wars The Old Republic Astromech Droid: T7-01


This is my version of a Star Wars The Old Republic Astromech Droid, specifically, the companion, T7-01, from the PC MMORPG "Star Wars The Old Republic."  If you're familiar with any of the Star Wars Old Republic games, you know these little droids are loyal, useful in a pinch, and bring some much-needed comic relief.  This droid's sensor array (head) can rotate a full 360 degrees.  Its rear wheel rotates, and its front feet are equipped with smooth pieces to glide over surfaces.  I have taken some liberty with detail elements but, over all, I think this model is fairly faithful to its digital source material.  The set comes in at 516 pieces.

I decided to build this model in part because I've recently been putting a lot of time into playing Star Wars The Old Republic for PC.  I've always liked the droid characters from the Star Wars movies, especially R2-D2.  Droids like R2 (and T7-07) don't speak Basic (English) so we can't understand them, but their moods and attitudes are still accurately and often hilariously portrayed through their "boops" and "bleeps."  Also, I rediscovered building with Lego after a 20 year hiatus.  In looking at available Star Wars themed droid sets, I totally missed out on the giant Ultimate Collector's edition of R2-D2 and wanted to recreate a larger scale droid (albeit smaller than the R2 model).

I think this would make a good Lego set because it is challenging to build, great to look at, and still has some "play-ability" once it is complete.

This is my first crack at designing something in Lego Digital Designer, so please keep that in mind.  Hope you enjoy it!

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