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Terry Pratchett's DISCWORLD

The Original Idea
Terry Pratchett's Discworld series is one of the most popular fantasy book series ever written! The series has sold over 80 million books and was translated into 37 languages. Nothing sums up the weirdly unique character of Pratchett's novels like the very place the novels are set on: "The Discworld", a disc shaped world carried by four giant elephants who are standing on top of the massive star turtle Great A'Tuin who swims through the endless deeps of space.
Due to its unique but iconic look a LEGO Discworld would not only excite millions of Pratchett fans but would also be a great display model for LEGO fans of all ages.

As long as people love Terry Pratchett's works he will always live on. A man is not dead while his name is still spoken. GNU Terry Pratchett!

The Updated Discworld
When I built my first "Terry Pratcett's Discworld" I was rather new to LEGO Ideas. It was my first major build and my first ever submission to reach the magical number of 10k supporters. This massive success was probably only partially due to my own rather simple design skills back then and probably mainly due to the Discworld community's endless love and suppport for everything even remotely related to Terry Pratchett's masterful creation. I am so thankful for all the support the build received!
But with great power comes great responsibility! After the project was declined by LEGO I felt like the decision was mainly a result of the subpar quailty of my build and not because there was no potential in Terry's creation. As a result I completly redesigned the Discworld in a much smaller scale while trying to still include all important features. By reducing the number of parts from 2650 to only 556 the build would be a lot cheaper and thus easier to market!
The Build
This new and fully updated "Terry Pratchett's Discworld" is a lot smaller than the origina one. It still includes all the key features of the original Discworld. Despite the smaller proportions the layout of the continents are still as close as possible to the offical maps of the Discworld!
The build consists of three main sections:
  1. The big turtle "Great A'tuin" flying through space
  2. Four elephants standing on top of the turtle
  3. The disc itself featuring several small islands and all 4 main continents
  • the "Unnamed Continent"
  • the "Continent of Klatch"
  • the "Counterweight Continent"
  • and the dreaded continent "XXXX"

On top of rescaling the whole build I also tried to improve the proportions of Great A'Tuin and tried to make the whole build more colourful and thus more appealing to a general audience.
The new and completly redesigned "Terry Pratchett's Discworld" consists of 556 pieces.
Length: 22.7cm
Height: 12.7cm
Width: 20cm

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