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Welcome to the Marketplace! Want a look around?

Here is a small part of a market/fair. There are four uniquely designed booths. A little girl looks at a booth with micro-minifigures. A teenager (look familiar?), who sits inside, sells minifigure sized minifigures. She is wearing a "Lego Ideas" shirt and black pants.

Across from the minifigure tent, a man sits with his fish. Several fish hang in the back while two fish are in the front. The man has a stubble beard and black hat. His booth has a blue and white awning to keep him cool.

To the left of him, an old lady sells books. Her booth is called "Mystique Books". The two books on top have cauldrons with "magic spilling out of them". The girl's mom is talking to her about different kind of books.

The last, but not least, is the food stand. A boy sits in the booth selling snacks like chocolate. He wears bright colored shorts and a green shirt. The boy loves his job and is very happy to be there. The awning on top of his booth is green and blue (three strips).

Hope you like it! Please support and tell your friends :D

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