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Lord of the Rings: The Grey Havens


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The Grey Havens is a very iconic scene in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is a sad/happy ending to the epic trilogy. The reason I think this would be a good LEGO set is because LEGO did a very good job in covering all the key elements in LOTR, but they did miss a few things like The Grey Havens. I built this in just over 2 Hours. (Because my LEGO bricks aren’t sorted it’s hard to find everything I need in a short amount of time.) The hardest thing to design was definitely the sail for the ship. Be sure to support this and my other project: Lord of the Rings: Mt. Doom.
“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us, so support this project!
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PS. The elven statue would have white hair. 👍

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