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Strongman Simulator

Welcome to my build! My inspiration for this build came from the video game Roblox. Roblox has mini-games and the minigame my inspiration came from was Strongman Simulator. 

I used a big green baseplate for the whole build. The gray bricks in backdrop are stone walls. The 2 x 1 tan bricks that surround the area is the fence. Between the two stone walls is a door to the next area. In front of the stonewall are three 1 x 6 and one 1 x 8 white tiles which form the finish line. When the player reaches the finish line, they get the energy to do workout. The two beige baseplates are uncultivated fields from which the wheat has been recentely harvested and straw has been rolled into a hay bale which appears near the front right corner. The other items on the baseplates are a carrot, tomato and eggplant. Towwards the front left corner is a dumbbell lying on a 4 x 3 tile yoga mat. The red and white structure towards the back left is a barn. On the top of the barn are two hay bales and a barrel with hay inside. 

If you like my build please support so Lego can turn it into a real set.

Thank you.

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