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Narrowboats and Dock

Narrowboats are a common site on the many canals in Europe. They are very long and skinny (hence the name) so they can navigate the small canals. Many people live full-time on their boats and deck them out with rooftop patios and gardens. I was lucky enough to spend a few days on a narrowboat in Scotland and loved the whole experience. I hope I captured some of the different styles and personalities of narrowboats in this build.

This set incudes two narrowboats and a small dock. The smaller boat is modeled after a more traditional boat - with a black hull, shingled sides and bright red windows and doors. The interior features a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The roof has a raised, windowed section, a clothesline and potted plants.

The larger boat is meant to be a newer boat - with a gray hull and sloped sides. Inside, it has two bedrooms as well as a kitchen and bathroom. The roof has a skylight, small sitting area and a raised garden bed.

The roofs of both boats are removable so you can see inside. The two pictures of the interior taken from the sides involved removing the exterior walls, which are not actually removable.

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