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Kinetic Biker



  Hello again! I'm out with a new LEGO project, this one is a biker! With a twist of a crank, the biker's wheels move forward, and the biker's leg moves forward too, as it is attached to the front wheel of the 'bike'. The biker is in a small box with a bike lane line. 


  When you turn the crank, you spin a 40-tooth gear. The 40-tooth then spins an 8-tooth gear. The 8-tooth then spins 4 worm gears that spin two 36-tooth gears. The biker's leg is attached to the front 36-tooth gear, so it spins too! 


  I Believe this set is a good introduction to gears for children, and an interesting build for teenagers. This was a relatively simple build, and I hope you enjoy it!

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