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Winter Village Train Station


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The only way to reach the winter village is by train.  

The train station is made up of 1120 bricks and contains 4 mini-figures:  a lady skiing with a child carrying Christmas presents on a sleigh, the conductor and the stationmaster. To enter the station, you must first climb a staircase full of snow with icy steps. Inside you will find a big Christmas tree standing in the middle of the hall, on a beautiful colored carpet, two benches to wait comfortably for the train and the ticket agent area.  He is sitting in front of a desk with a computer and lamp on a chair that turns. A staircase leads to the first floor full of technical equipment: tools, toolbox, boxes, barrels, train wheels and single rails. Outside you can wait for the train on the platform with two benches, covered by an arched portico. On one side of the station there’s a sleigh parking and on the other a closet where to put skis and ski poles. A large sign the two sides of the building indicate the name of the station, “Winter Village.”

This set is compatible with the “Winter Holiday Train 10254.”

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