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Hot Rod Dealer


Hello LEGO friends and
Moin Moin, as we say here in northern Germany.

Now I want to show you my for the time being last building for my LEGO City Hot Rod Town :-)

The new project for Hot Rod Town is a car dealer, more specifically a Hot Rod dealer!!

I also spent a lot of time looking for pictures of 1960's and 70's car dealerships on the WWW to design these Hot Rod dealerships.
However, I noticed that there are hardly any pictures of car dealers from WWW time. So I tried to design a building that could have been in the 60s / 70s.

Still, it was great fun building the Hot Rod Dealer and Hot Rod's for Lego City and Speed Champions.

I also tried to make the building a bit older with this project
I find that architecturally beautiful and goes well with the other Hot Rod Town projects.
I also tried to keep this 1960s / 70s style inside.

Also in this project, my efforts in building and also in the hot rods were so realistic and
but also to make it as playable as possible.
I've equipped the Hot Rod Dealer with a car lift and tool for minor service jobs such as oil or wheel changes and a sales office.

Also with this project I pursue the vision to enrich the Lego world.
So that the little and big kids can play with it or just collect it.

If you like the Hot Rods, Buildings, Old School Car Dealers, 60s / 70s and Lego, then you've come to the right place!
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Although the Hot Rod dealer is the last building for now,
I'll post some hot rods here.
Then dive into the depths with two submarines.
And after that I want to start with you in infinite expanses of the universe.
True to the motto: "Space - the last limit, we are in a distant future ..."

Keep on building! ;-)
Brick on! ;-)

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