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Balance Scales

This is a functional LEGO recreation of a classic set of balance scales. Used to measure the weight of pretty much everything for thousands of years, these scales are often made of brass, but I figured it is about time that they are made out of plastic and built with LEGO bricks!

This design if fully functional and actually works as a set of scales, I have even included some potential decorations to go with the design: a standard weight and nugget of gold. I have always felt that one of the most exciting aspects of LEGO bricks is that they can be used to make something with a real-world useful function. This set is unique because it is equally good as a display model as an actual working piece of equipment. The set itself is relatively large considering the modest piece count, the dimensions are given below:

Height: 11 inches.
Width: 16 inches.
Pieces: 200 bricks.

I was particularly excited to integrate some of my favorite unusual pieces in this build, specifically the chains, large disks, rounded tile pieces, and of course metallic colored bricks. Builders of all ages will enjoy the uniqueness of the design along with the incredible functionality. Thanks for taking the time to check out my builds!

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