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Old Car


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This is the new version of my old car project. Now it’s back with brand new details that make this project even more realistic. In fact, this old car was created keeping in mind the lines of the cars from 20’s so that child’s can play as if they were living in another time or if they were grown-ups and that they have a classic car. It can also be for adults that like these types of car and that they cannot afford a real one. My design of this vehicle was in 3 ways: play, expose (on shelve for example) and to remember the past (an historical side to my project).

Now, what’s new from the “old version” of my idea? Well everything! In fact the style is the same but it was upgraded from A to Z. Following on the comments received, I worked on a brand new windshield, more representative to the 20’s. I also added a horn, a removable crank (to start the car: used before electric starter on cars), side steps, a bumper at the back and 2 mufflers at the back too. I’ve also redesigned the tail lights, the hood is brand new (longer as the 1920 cars were) and finally the front lights look more like to the real 1920’s car. The colors are the same: classic black and a contrast red top. It comes with 2 minifigures (a man and a woman as a couple), a tree and flowers to make the environment of the car more romantic and more colorful.

Thank you for looking at my project and to support it!

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